Monday, March 28, 2011


In a couple of years when Ahuntsic becomes the new "in" neighborhood like the Plateau and we start to see hipsters moving north of the old Chabanel garment district to live, we'll have Le St-Urbain to thank for reviving the area. We had an outstanding dinner there on Saturday night and we're happy to spend some time Sunday talking them up on our blog.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


About 2 months ago on our way to our favorite sushi restaurant "Tri Express" we noticed a packed restaurant on Papineau called "Les Cons Servent". The clever play on words got a little laugh out of us: in french the word "conserves" translates to the english "preserves" however splitting the word conserves into "cons" and "servent" skews the meaning, transforming it into a slightly more profane version of "the idiots are serving"; our curiosity had been aroused in a "Snakes on a Plane" sort of way. This Friday night we returned to eat at Les Cons Servent to see if there was a good meal to be had or if the name that caught our attention was just a clever but hollow marketing push someone came up with.

Monday, March 14, 2011


We are happy to say that our dinner at MAS Cuisine was a big success. The first time we had heard of this restaurant, we were shopping for vegetables at Atwater market when our friendly produce vendor handed us a business card for the restaurant along with our bags and suggested we go for dinner. The card remained on the bulletin board in our kitchen constantly reminding us that we should go give it a try but we always overlooked it for our usual favorite spots. MAS is only open Monday through Friday and closed weekends, so this Friday night we went to MAS Cuisine to eat, now were kicking ourselves for not having gone sooner.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


We went out to eat dinner at La Salle à Manger in the Plateau neighborhood on saturday night because only one of the two of us had been there before and it was time to level the playing field. The restaurant is 100+ seats featuring a nice long bar, really classic and beautiful bistro style tile floors, all wooden furniture, and they've even managed to make the exposed plumbing complement their design somehow.

The restaurant offers a wide variety of well selected wines by the glass and also seems to put a lot of emphasis on their aperitif and digestif menu, all of which are displayed on chalk board walls along with their specials of the day meant for sharing. A little something interesting was that the regular menu had been divided in a bit of an unconventional sense. Rather than being presented with appetizers, mains and desserts the menu at La Salle à Manger is split into sections called raw & marinated, fresh, warm, vegetarian, meat, or fish. The menu looks really good so we decide to go with a few items off of there.