Thursday, June 23, 2011


Izakya fever has officially struck Montreal, and if you don't want to catch it stay away from us because we've got it. The best way to describe an Izakaya to those who are unaware is essentially a Japanese style pub with small dishes to order, share and eat in a sort of tapas style, while you enjoy a drink. Izakaya's have been popular for quite a while on the west coast of Canada and the idea has thankfully moved eastward. A few have opened in Montreal lately to fantastic customer reviews creating a loud buzz and enormous lines of people trying to cram into these usually small spaces. Once inside the beer flows and the mood is lively, but where these Izakayas truly deliver is on the food.

Friday, June 17, 2011


In February we went to DNA for a Montreal Highlights Festival event, we had a really nice time and wrote a review of the evening. Although our experience and the food was great, the set menu at the event was a little more on the safe side than DNA's menu items generally tend to be. We had been looking forward to getting back to try a more representative menu of the restaurant and Chef Derek Dammann's style of cooking. So, this past weekend that's exactly what we did.

We returned to DNA anticipating a meal to remember. Upon arrival we are greeted and brought to our table, which oddly enough was the EXACT same table we had been seated at the last time we ate there. The decor is very modern; in our previous review we likened the feel of all the glass in the dining room to a "foodie fish bowl". All the tables are full and the restaurant seems to be in full stride. After being seated, we're greeted promptly by our waitress who immediately takes our drink order and provides us with bilingual menus. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Les Cavistes combines restaurant and boutique. They offer a full dining room and terrasse as well as a small boutique where you can buy privately imported wine, foods and other products to take home with you. The restaurant is situated on the busy touristy section of St-Denis street amongst plenty of restaurants, lively bars, shopping and upscale chocolate and ice-cream shops. Montrealers are sometimes wary of this portion of St-Denis as well as other parts of various neighborhoods in the city, often referring to businesses in such areas as tourist traps where we've all had one too many over-priced underwhelming experiences. But as the old saying goes, you should never judge a book by its cover and we had heard good things about Les Cavistes so this weekend we got around to eating there.