Sunday, August 26, 2012


In the third and final installment of our Toronto posts we shift the focus to Guu Izakaya. Guu, named for the noise your stomach makes when you're hungry, is a super-popular and surprisingly large izakaya. If you're unfamiliar with the izakaya genre you could presumably and somewhat crudely equate it to a Japanese style pub, the beer flows like nobody's business as people order and eat small plates of food that are far more interesting and original than your average fish n' chips, chicken wings sort-of pub fare.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


In the second in a series of three posts highlighting our favorite meals during our recent long-weekend getaway to Toronto we turn our attention to Beast restaurant. While planning our trip to Toronto we had primarily focused on places to eat dinner and shop, but once we arrived and reviewed our itinerary there was one thing that was glaringly absent - brunch. What were we thinking? What would a getaway weekend be without a leisurely breakfast including socially acceptable pre-noon alcohol consumption on a sunny terrace? Or perhaps we should say "patio" since we were in Toronto after all..