Sunday, October 21, 2012


Owned and operated by renowned, James Beard award winning chef and cookbook author, top chef master, and undisputed Mexican cuisine authority Rick Bayless, Topolobampo (One Michelin star) is the higher-end, more polished counterpart to Frontera Grill, another of chef Bayless' award winning restaurants that shares the same address. Frontera offers a causal dining experience, a slightly more accessible price point and a larger seating capacity in its lively, almost rowdy dining room. Alternatively, Topolobampo provides a more intimate and sophisticated atmosphere while maintaining flavors that remain far from timid. Topolobampo is considered by many to be the most outstanding Mexican restaurant in the United States, praise that has earned chef Bayless the distinction and recognition by the US state department as the country's official ambassador of Mexican cuisine

Friday, October 12, 2012


Often lauded as the best restaurant in North America by various publications since its opening in 2005, Alinea is a world-wide culinary destination. To dine at Alinea is an all-encompassing sensory experience packaged in the form of a meal that is as much theatre as it is dinner - call it dinner-theatre. Not a single element has escaped the scrutiny of chef Grant Achatz; every component on every plate, every gesture made by the impeccably dressed front of house staff has been calculated and designed to produce an impact, a reaction, a "wow" - everything for a reason.