About Us

Foodie Date Night is written by Aaron & Carolynne. We're a married couple of culinary school graduates, former restaurant industry employees, and all around food enthusiasts from Montreal, Quebec. Eating and cooking are our passion and our hobby, but no longer our profession. Unwilling to cast aside our current responsibilities, we started Foodie Date Night as a means to regain contact in some capacity with an industry we felt a homesickness for.

Dining out can be expensive, we believe that people work too hard to spend their money and one night a week off in a disappointing restaurant when some of the best restaurants can be visited for the same dollar plus a little bit of research. That's where Foodie Date Night comes in.

We express our opinions freely on our site, good or bad, you can expect to read the truth here. We feel it is just as important to share the bad experiences with our readers as it is to share the good ones. After all, without bad meals how can one be expected to put into perspective the great ones? Our opinions might not always make us popular with chefs, cooks, waiters or restaurateurs but we're not groupies and we have no interest in stroking peoples egos. This site serves as a resource for like-minded individuals and diners to separate this month'  s hype from truly great establishments, no matter the genre.

Although our names have been revealed following an article in the Montreal Gazette, you will not find a photo of us on this site nor on our various social media accounts. Why is this important? By doing this, we operate anonymously and ensure that we will not be recognized or given any preferential treatment while reviewing a meal. This way, as a reader - you can hope to expect that a meal you have in a restaurant we have visited will be as close as possible to the experience we have described on this site. Please be mindful that not all nights are created or executed equally in a restaurant, tastes are personal and opinions are subjective. If you have visited a restaurant we wrote about and disagree with our opinion, please feel free to let us know.

You will not find any rating system or star designations on Foodie Date Night. In a nut shell, the reason for this is that we review meals, not restaurants. A professional restaurant critic often (but not always) is provided the budget required to return to a restaurant on more than one occasion and try several items on a menu before publishing a review, operating this way allows for a more well-rounded analysis of a restaurant than a single meal might. Unfortunately, we do not have that luxury. Consider our reviews to be a journal expressing our opinions of the food, service and our overall experience in a restaurant on a given night. Cooking is a trade, but it is also an art; chefs, cooks and restaurant staff work very hard, as we have experienced first hand. Crudely grading or evaluating a persons craft or business and livelihood should be left to those making their own living by doing so.

Foodie Date Night is not compensated to write the reviews on this site in any way. All personal relationships, biases and comped meals will be openly divulged and clearly identified to maintain transparency, integrity and credibility with our readers.



There's really no effective way for us to stop people from using the photos we have taken on this site. But please ask permission before doing so, and if you use a photo from our site have the decency to credit the source and link our site (www.foodiedatenight.com). Is that really too much to ask for? Thanks in advance!


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